Glamour meets natural beauty: 
a celebration of the perfect match.


Ashvi and Dan fell in love in New York, but set roots in the Bay Area. Enjoying the best of both worlds, they paired the glamour and elegance of New York with the magical glow of the Sonoma Valley hills. Having eclectic but decidedly modern tastes, they decided to use a mostly white, gray, and gold palette throughout the wedding, bringing in hits of poppy red and an ikat pattern to keep things fun and fresh. 


Photography by Carlie Statsky.


An intimate celebration with every detail
considered, crafted, and refined.


Opting for an extended weekend celebration with 30 guests rather than a traditional wedding, Lisa and Ethan focused on making every detail easy, personal, and beautiful for their select guests. Reflecting their modern style was also important to them, so we mixed in just enough romantic and feminine details to make everything feel soft and welcoming, while also using clean lines, neutral tones, and beautifully simple shapes to keep it fresh.


Photography by Jessica Burke.



Inspired by the midsommer celebration of Sweden,
a day full of love, culture, and family.


Litsa is from Greece. Jonas is from Sweden. They love Sonoma. Taking those geographical ingredients, they wove together the perfect Greek-infused Swedish “midsommer” celebration as the basis for their wedding day. Abundant flowers, elegant details, and a gorgeous summer solstice day made this one of Esla Events’ favorite and most magical events of all time.


Photography by Alicia Swedenborg.


A modern romance set in Napa Valley,
drawing on French, American, and Indian roots.


Jenny and Rishi wanted their wedding to be a celebration of the things they loved most: their cultures – French American and Indian American, farm-to-table food, Napa Valley's wine and beauty, and, of course, each other.


Photography by Carlie Statsky.


Wild, rustic Northern California beauty.


Jessica and J.F. relocated to San Francisco after having spent all of their lives to the East — Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Germany, New York, and Connecticut. They had fallen in love with their new home and wanted their wedding to be a celebration of all things Northern California: the raw natural beauty, the local and organic food culture, and the gorgeous weather, just to name a few.  Additionally, they wanted to highlight and celebrate that this marriage would be about joining two backgrounds - Jessica’s Jewish roots and J.F.’s German roots - into one future. 


Photography by Mary McHenry.