We work with couples
to create wedding days
that are as meaningful
as they are beautiful.

We help clients create the weddings they want – full of personal touches, beautiful details, and unbelievable joy. Couples come to us for many reason: because they have big ideas but little time, are in need of inspiration and expertise, or simply want a partner who can handle all the behind-the-scenes work. Esla Events helps you pull off the best version of your perfect day.

We love couples who want their wedding to be a deeply authentic celebration of their relationship, love, and personalities. We’re big believers in filling your day with only the traditions, details, and special touches that have real meaning to you – and allowing all the other noise to disappear. Bringing to life moments of meaning is what we do, and what we love.

Our aims are pretty simple:

  • To make every step of your planning easier and more fun.
  • To be an amazing partner, with you and with vendors.
  • To make every detail more personal, more exceptional.
  • To orchestrate exceptional events, every single time.

Just off Union Square, the Esla Events studio
offers a comfortable and vibrant space for
conversation, idea development, and production.

Photos by Jessica Burke.

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Marina Lieban

Owner + Lead Planner/Designer

Marina first experienced the magic of Esla Events as a guest when she attended a 2012 wedding of two of her Facebook colleagues. Her interest was piqued — in event planning and design as a career, and in Esla Events in particular. In 2014, as part of her Stanford MBA program, she interned with Laurel and discovered her perfect place. A year later, Marina became the proud new owner of Esla Events.

Marina’s love of events began at a young age, in large part because of her mother. She always went the extra mile, ensuring every detail of birthday parties and holiday celebrations felt special, intimate, and personal. Marina carries on that passion for perfectly placed, timed, and designed details, from the take-their-breath-away moment guests experience upon entering a venue to the much needed bottle of coconut water waiting for them on the shuttle ride home. Marina grew up in Hawaii, and has studied and worked in Silicon Valley for over a decade. That combination is very much reflected in her personality. She always brings a grounded, thoughtful, and calm energy to her work, while her overachieving, perfectionist side ensures she has the energy, drive, and passion to make amazing moments come to life flawlessly.




Marissa Johnson

Day-of Assistant

Marissa joined Esla Events in 2012 as an intern, and has since grown into our top day-of assistant.  From styling favor stations to welcoming guests to balancing on ladders in a dress, Marissa gets the job done beautifully every time, and always with grace, a joke, and an infectious smile.  When Marissa isn't busy helping Esla Events put the finishing touches on clients' wedding days, she works in global digital marketing at Benefit Cosmetics.

Laurel Anderson

Founder + Advisor

Laurel launched Esla Events is 2010. After five years as a business and branding strategy consultant, she was eager to craft her own company.  Based on her experience of planning her own wedding, she discovered a real opportunity to create something new:  a service that focused on fresh, contemporary, and personal design, blending it seamlessly with flawless execution, high-end service, and strong client relationships.  She also wanted to help couples craft celebrations that were full of all the moments, rituals, and special touches that were truly meaningful to them - trimming away any obsolete traditions or unnecessary pressures. 

Today Laurel serves as an active advisor to Marina and team, ensuring her knowledge and years of experience continue to directly benefit Esla Events clients.