We help couples create wedding days that are
as meaningful as they are stunning.

We help couples create the weddings they want – full of personal touches, beautiful details, and pure joy. Couples come to us because they have big ideas but little time, are in need of inspiration and expertise, or simply want a partner who can handle all the behind-the-scenes work. Esla Events helps you pull off the best possible version of your perfect day.

We love couples who want their wedding to be a deeply authentic celebration of their relationship, love, and personalities. We’re big believers in filling your day with only the traditions, details, and special touches that have real meaning to you – and allowing all the other noise to disappear. Bringing to life moments of meaning is what we do, and what we love.

Our aims are pretty simple.

—We want to be an amazing partner, with close and rewarding relationships with our clients.

—We want to make every step of the planning and design process easier and more fun.

—We want to create the perfect day—as defined by you and your fiancé/fiancée.

How Esla Events came to be.

Laurel Anderson launched Esla Events in 2010 — much to her surprise. She never imagined she would become a wedding planner. In fact, when Laurel got engaged in 2009, her first instinct was to elope. Weary of being weighed down by meaningless traditions, odd expectations, and crazy costs, she liked the idea of eloping, throwing a party later, and spending the money on…well, almost anything else.

To the (wedding’s) rescue, Laurel’s fiancé, Nic, convinced her that they should simply focus only on what mattered to them as a couple: throwing a meaningful and fun celebration with the people they love most in world. Invigorated with new frame of mind, Laurel and Nic began planning.

Ten months later, they got married. It was one of the best days of their lives — not because it was their wedding day, but because it included everything they could think of as defining them and their perfect day. Ninety of their nearest and dearest, all in one place. The Telluride mountains. Promises of love and commitment. A “Grandma Janice’s” root beer float station. Great wine. Floating bistro lights. Special moments to honor their moms. Macarons and filet mignon. A live band. Dancing into the wee hours.

Throughout the process, Laurel’s appreciation for what weddings can be grew dramatically. She also discovered she had a real knack for planning and designing. More often than not, vendors would ask Laurel during their phone calls how long she had been a wedding planner. After seeing her planning documents, inspiration boards, and design plans, many would comment that they were the best they had ever seen. At first Laurel was just flattered, but after awhile, an idea started to take root. It was also around this time that Laurel was becoming acutely aware of her desire to shift from consulting to companies, to crafting and running her own.

On September 16, 2010, Laurel launched Esla Events with the goal of helping other couples craft their perfect day.

Meet Laurel.

Laurel grew up in Colorado. She arm wrestled boys on the playground. She decorated cakes with her Martha Stewart kit. She hiked big mountains. She wore lots of dresses. She played basketball. She was on the knowledge bowl team. She enjoyed many of the perks of growing up in a town of only 800 people.

In 2005, Laurel went west. At Stanford University, she studied international relations and psychology for four years, while also doing extensive travel – from an archeology dig in Sicily to writing papers at Oxford University. She joined Stone Yamashita Partners in 2005, a business strategy and leadership consulting firm in San Francisco. There she honed her strategy and business skills, as well as her appreciation for and understanding of graphic, environmental, and experience design.

In 2008, she moved to New York to help open a new office for Stone Yamashita Partners (now SYPartners). She soon decided to try her hand at being her own boss, freelancing for a variety of branding, innovation, and design firms in New York. It was during this time that Laurel got engaged (see above) and was inspired to start her own event planning and design company. After moving back to San Francisco in 2010, Esla Events was launched.

Laurel is the owner and head planner and designer at Esla Events. She lives in Noe Valley with her wonderful husband, Nic.